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Who we are

Our Story

My experience with poultry started when I was four years old and received a bantam hen with her small chicks from my Great Aunt Esther. She was a hardy little bantam but took care of her young chicks all summer. That was the beginning of my venture in poultry; learning a lot about poultry husbandry, health, and safety.

My family encouraged my interest and as a child I became involved in several 4H projects in the 1960s. Poultry is a good project for youth to work and learn from, developing a good work ethic and teaches responsibility. 

It wasn't long before my poultry project expanded into Ducks, Geese, Guineas, and Fancy chickens. As I wanted to expand my hobby further, I convinced my parents I needed Peafowl and Exotic Pheasants. First came "Pete", my first Blue Peacock, it was fun gaining his trust and feeding him right out of my hand. We owned quite a bit of acreage and were able to let Pete run free-range. All we would have to do is yell his name and he would come running to get his daily treats.

Family standing in front of an egg incubator.

Soon enough I started raising my own family and as my four children grew up they were able to share a similar experience with being around various farm animals, including poultry of every sort. They all participated in the 4H experience, learning good work skills and the responsibility of caring for livestock. These skills have been carried right into their adult lives as they grow with their families.

Girl picking up a bird egg from an incubator.

Now 60 years later, a third generation of grandkids are participating in our rural farming activities. It warms my heart to see the grandkids doing daily chores and simply helping out. One of their favorite jobs is to help unload the incubator with all the newly hatched chicks. Watching the chicks dip their beaks in water and ensuring they get off to a good start.

Although Peafowl and Exotic Pheasants are wild animals, with constant care and interaction they can become quite friendly. Quietly sitting in their pens with a few dried mealworms, you’ll find they soon will be eating right out of your hands. If you enjoy having dogs or cats as pets, Peafowl and Exotic Pheasants can add to your family's excitement.

Family signature.