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White Peafowl

White Peafowl on average can weigh up to 9-13 pounds, while females are smaller weighing about 6-9 pounds. This bird is a perfect addition to your home, as their white feathering throughout their tail feathers radiates a sense of elegance.

The White Peafowl may often be mistaken for albino birds, however, these birds have beautiful blue eyes and pink skin under the plumage.


White Peafowl may be kept in an aviary system, but prefer a free-range environment. You will want to provide plenty of shrubbery and trees to act as a shelter during the winter months, while also keeping an area open for them to roam.


These birds do well with standard game bird feed but prefer a diet consisting of seeds, grains, plants, insects, berries, and small reptiles. You will also want to provide a supply of fresh water.



The breeding season for White Peafowl begins in March and lasts until about July. Peafowl may begin breeding by the age of 3 and males can be paired with multiple females.


 Females nest on the ground, you will want to provide a suitable nesting area in a quiet area of the aviary.


The hens will lay 4-8 eggs per clutch, with incubation lasting about 28 days.


 Peachicks are born fully feathered and are able to fly within just a few days. Once the chicks have hatched, they may require some additional attention to make sure they’re adapting to their new environment and eating a proper amount.