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Temmick's Tragopan Pheasant

Temmick’s Tragopan Pheasant measures to an average of about 25 inches in length at maturity, with females being slightly smaller. They are considered to be one of the most beautiful pheasants in the world, with their orange to crimson coloring of their plumage and polka dotted with white spots around their bodies.

The males have a short tail and beak and fleshy horns that are normally hidden under their feathers but are exposed during courtship.

Temmick’s Tragopan Pheasants are beautiful birds that are also quite calm, tame, and easily adapted to an aviary setting.


Temmick’s Tragopan Pheasants do well in large aviary systems, provided there is sufficient shrubbery and trees for roosting.


These birds prefer to spend time scratching the ground for their food consisting of seeds, berries, mosses, greens, and insects. However, you’ll also want to provide them with a standard game bird feed to supplement their diet, as well as a fresh supply of drinking water.



The breeding season for Temmick’s Tragopan Pheasants begins in April and lasts until about June. Males will display their colorful tail feathers and horns while dancing.


Females build their nests low in the trees, so be sure to provide elevated nest boxes in a quiet area of the aviary.


The hens will lay 2-5 eggs per clutch, with incubation lasting about 26-29 days.


The chicks develop quickly and are often able to fly within a few days, but will stick by their mother's side for about 6 weeks. Temmick’s Tragopan Pheasants reach maturity by their second year of age.