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Red Golden Pheasant

Red Golden Pheasants measure from 30-40 inches in length at maturity, with the females being slightly smaller. They are one of the most popular pheasants kept by aviculturists, with their bright feathers full of color from yellow, red, orange, green, and blue, that will catch your eye.

The males have a beautiful orange cape used to attract females, that they spread around their necks.

Red Golden Pheasants are highly intelligent birds that are most comfortable on the ground, as they can be clumsier in the air.


Red Golden Pheasants are often compatible with other types of birds and will do well in an aviary setting, provided there is plenty of shade for the summer months. These birds can handle colder temperatures without much shelter.


These birds will eat standard gamebird feed to supplement their diet of insects, seeds, berries, grains, and greens. You will also want to provide them with a fresh supply of drinking water.



The breeding season begins in April and typically runs through June. Two hens may be paired with one male.


 Female Red Golden Pheasants will build a nest on the ground, in dense bushes or tall grass. A suitable nesting area should be provided in a quiet area of the aviary.


The hens will lay 5-12 eggs per clutch, with incubation lasting about 22-23 days.


Once the chicks have hatched, they may require some additional attention to make sure they’re adapting to their new environment and eating a proper amount. Males will fully mature at 2 years, while females mature by 1 year. Red Golden Pheasants may live up to 15-20 years.