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Peach Pheasant

Peach Pheasants measure to about 30-40 inches in length at maturity, with females being slightly smaller. Their tails take on two-thirds of their full body length, with a striking color of white and accents of a light golden, peachy color. Females' colors may not be as bright, but can still be all white or spotted with a light tan or fawn colors.

Peach Pheasants are considered a domesticated bird and are often found in aviaries around the world, however, they are still a rare type of bird.


Peach Pheasants do well in an aviary system, in fact, it has become their normal habitat. Be sure to provide plenty of floor space and sufficient shade from the sunlight, as their color may fade if exposed to the sun too often.


These birds do well when supplemented with a commercial game bird feed diet. You will also want to provide them with a fresh supply of drinking water.



If you’re looking for a bird that is dependable when breeding, the Peach Pheasant is a great choice. The breeding season begins in April and these birds may be cross-breed with other pheasants if you choose, such as the Red Golden or Lady Amherst Pheasant.


Female Peach Pheasants often build their nests on the ground, so be sure to provide a suitable nesting area in a quiet area of the aviary.


The hens will lay 8-12 eggs per clutch, with incubation lasting about 22-23 days.


Once the chicks have hatched, they may require some additional attention to make sure they’re adapting to their new environment and eating a proper amount.