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Impeyan Pheasant

Impeyan Pheasants measure to an average of about 30 inches, with the males weighing 4-6 pounds and the females slightly less. These birds are extremely beautiful, as their feathers are metallic and include multiple colors ranging from blue, green, red, copper, and white.

Like many other types of pheasants, the females have much duller colorations, however, both the female and male Impeyan Pheasants have a turquoise-blue patch of bare skin around their eyes.

You’ll find that the Impeyan Pheasants catch your eye with their flashy color and that this pheasant loves to dig using their strong beaks.


These birds do well in a large aviary setting, provided there is ample brush and trees that provide shade for them during the warmer months and shelter from the elements of the winter season.


Impeyan Pheasants will eat gamebird feed but prefer the supplement of invertebrates, such as crickets, earthworms, and mealworms. They will also appreciate roots and tubers to reach with their strong beaks.



The breeding season begins in April and typically runs through August.


 Female Impeyan Pheasants will build a nest on the ground, by digging out a small hole in the ground under heavy brush. Be sure to provide a space with dense brush in the enclosure that your hens may nest.


The hens will lay 4-6 eggs per clutch, but can lay as many as 20 eggs, with incubation lasting about 28 days.


Once the chicks have hatched, they may require some additional attention to make sure they’re adapting to their new environment and eating a proper amount.

Impeyan Pheasants fully mature by the age of 2 and are best kept as a male and female pair or trio at most.